Fall is here, and accessorizing the best way to stay stylish while layering up. Last month, I was looking for some fun and trendy bracelets on Amazon and found My Daily Styles boutique. Possibly best purchase thus far. I got the lovely bracelets and was very impressed by the craftsmanship and durability. After all, they do describe their style as "timelessly charming jewelry that look new and refreshed season after season...[using] the finest sterling silver and stainless steel to craft irresistible treasures that are the quintessence of chic luxury."

I was so impressed that I contacted the My Daily Styles, made another order, and now...I have a giveaway for TWO lucky readers will EACH win ONE of these.  

Good Luck
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PS. Enter code "WORKETTE" for 10%off your purchase at My Daily Styles

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