Thankful Thoughts #2

So, this is the second year that I will be doing this "thankful thoughts" post. I still am thankful for the same things check out the post (here) to see what it was last year. Thought this year I would add some of the random things of life that I am thankful for having had or experienced. Some of those things are...
      + The Hunger Games...the one and (I think) only movie I went to see opening weekend
      + My 'big girl' job...stability is happening, scary!
      + Moleskine notebooks, they are really the best notebooks. Seriously.
      +  Lifetime movies...if you spent a saturday watching them, you would understand.
          Almost as good as a Sex and The City  or Will & Grace marathon.
      + Youtube tutorials. Try searching how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey!
      + You reading this. Duh!

What are you thankful for?