I want an Affair

A Rebecca Minkoff Affair. I'm talking about a purse. Not a real affair (lol) c'mon.

 Last year around April, I did a post about quilted purses in which I included the Affair. It was a decent purse that I had only seen on the internet after googling "quilted purses." Almost a year later, as I am walking the corridors of Nordstrom...there, it was. THE Rebecca Minkoff Affair, the big one. The handbag is perfect. It oozes of Chanel class without being a Chanel. Luxurious without costing ya know thousands of dollar bills that I just happen to not have at the moment.

Now, please bask in the beauty of this very practical purse. My dilemma now is which one to choose. Help?
And, also found this burgundy one all over ebay for a mere $200 (here, here)