Weekend Reading

Dear February in Virginia, why so brutal? The snow storms, the polar vortex if you wanted me to move a simple letter would have sufficed. Seriously! Anyways, this week has gone by faster than others probably because I had Fashion Week live streaming as I worked [click here, you're welcome world!]

Speaking of fashion week, I found this fun "Fashion Week Workout" video with Rebecca Minkoff and blogger The Man Repeller herself.

I stumbled on this lovely piece by Breanna Rose "Talk to Your Readers", basically the relationship between a blogger and her readers. Honestly, I do miss those days where we chatted in the comment section. Building a relationship with readers and other bloggers is something that I used to look forward to. Nowadays, I do find that I am getting more visits but the comments are generic and more for self promotion if anything. Kind of the reason why I stopped leaving my link on others blogs, it does get old.

PS. If you do not have plans for Valentine's day, House of Cards comes back for a second season. And word is there will be a third season. Yup, I'm excited!