Weekend Reading

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Since being out for almost two weeks so much has happened. Mainly...SJP's shoe collection is out and the twitter breaking group selfie. But you probably knew that already. This week has been the slowest to date. Not sure if it's because of the snow earlier but everything I found on the internet was very travel related. 

Kate Spade made me want to go to Italy, or somewhere with lost of sunshine, a beach and a foreign language with its latest video. Watch it and tell me how much you want to travel. 

I was thinking about perhaps a trip to france and found this funny video on Youtube "How to be Parisian in one hour" by Olivier Giraud. And And let me tell you the first 4 minutes are very accurate.  

One thing I will try this weekend is at home workout love your body w/ yoga. Maybe this time I can keep up a good at home workout routine. 

P.S. only two weeks before spring is officially upon is, lets just hope and pray the weather gets it together by then.