Weekend Reading

Yes, this week is basically the back to back weekend reading post. My days have been consumed with everything tax related. For some reason this year it just had to be difficult. Oh, and btw it is much easier to just buy Turbo Tax as a digital download or just do it all on line, if you have a new MacBook. I have been absolutely consumed by financial articles. What is it about tax season that makes everyone go completely crazy?

Anyways, as we get older its a little weird to do easter egg hunts, but leave it to FabergĂ© to organize the most epic and stylish Easter Egg Hunt ever. Almost makes me want to go to New York City. 

Spring is here and these are the perfect shoes to welcome the weather especially for bootie-shy people like me. (I got the cognac)

Have a good weekend. Don't forget to stuff an umbrella in your purse...It's April.