5 things to try at CVS

If you know me. You would know the unhealthy amount of time I go to CVS in a week. It's bad. They have everything you need beauty and wellness without being so overwhelming. One of my favorite things to do is trying out the store brands; CVS has a lot of good products in their range that you would normally not try. So here is a few things to try: 
CVS Gel Strips & Dots, $5.99 || These will save you, well at least your feet. We all have uncomfortable shoes but can't help but wear them because they are pretty, am I right? I bought these because of a shoe emergency a while back; they are just as good as the Dr. Scholls. These give a little bit more option given that they can be placed in different spots including the uncomfortable toe cleavage area and the back of the shoe. 

CVS Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover $6.40 || This liquid eye makeup remover just might change your life, using a cotton pad for each eye, just a dab will get your dramatic eye look off in less than 30 seconds. I sometimes use it to take off my long wear matte lipsticks and lip stains. 

CVS Beauty Club- If you are a lipstick junky or collector as I like to sometimes say, Beauty club will make your money work for you. Every time $50 is spent on beauty items, you get $5 reward. Like yes! Consider it as a drugstore version of Sephora's Beauty insider. 

Make-up Remover wipes $5.99, || These take off everything. For my daily make up look only one wipe takes everything off. I have tried to use two but it proves to be a waste, especially if you clean your face with a Clarisonic afterwards. Just one wipe takes it all off, and does not feel too oily. 

Essential Elements Candles $7.99 || I bought some candles from CVS the day there were tornado warnings and risks of power outages. At only $8 these Essential Elements candles compare to Bath and Body works candles, the smell does take over yours space but not to the point where it is over whelming. It is just enough to be pleasant to the nose. Thus far my favorite is the Jasmine patchouli.