Fit Files no. 1

Last Tuesday, I and some co-workers started this workout thing. I wanted to get a little bit more exercise in during the week since I barely move during the work day. Big surprise, desk jobs are not active. Anyways, the first week has been a little hard. Going from barely moving to actually exercising is going to take some getting used to. 

On to my actual workout. On tuesday, aka day 1, lets just say after 30 minutes on the bike trying to keep up with the uber fit people on the treadmill behind me…I was done. Yes, it was very embarrassing. The next day I did half of THIS workout from youtube. 

We went back on Thursday, much better day. Not too many people. Did the treadmill for about 30 minutes. Then, had the courage to do THIS arm workout and half of the ab workout on Nike Training Club... Russian twists are no joke. 

For the weekend, most of my working out was done at the outlet mall…according to my Jawbone Up, it was over 2,000 steps. Don’t knock the saying shopping is really good cardio! 

Fit Files will be my I guess fitness/wellness diary if you will.