Rum Lemonade

Rum Barbancourt lemonade recipe
The sun is finally gracing us with it's presence, and this calls for refreshing afternoon drinks. It’s boozy lemonade season! I made this last Sunday to keep me refreshed as I was mastering the art of growing food a.k.a. gardening. It is a little sour but with a kick. 

Here is what you do for two small serving or one very large mason jar filled to the brim...holla!
The juice of 3-4 lemons
1 cup of brown sugar or honey
2 shots of Barbancourt Rum
Lots of ice (no water)

Grab your shaker, fill it up half way with ice. Juice the lemons and pour it all in there. Add sugar and Rum then shake, shake, shake to your hearts content.  Add more sugar/honey, if it is too sour.
Finally pour into your glass with lots of ice & enjoy!
Seriously wish I had some mint leaves!

I'm thinking bartending classes would be a good idea at this point...