Balcony Facelift

Oh the summer is here, and it's about time the balcony gets a face lift for the season. See in winter, I am sure your like me and the only use for your balcony is to store whatever you don't want inside the apartment itself. Now, I am in need of enjoying a good book on the balcony on a Saturday morning. For some reason cleaning the balcony can look like such a chore that I sometimes just give up and go to a park. After a couple minutes of courage, I finally saw how large the balcony actually was. Here is what I did and it only took 30 minutes out of my life.

Step one grab a broom, outdoor one, sweep the whole place all of it. I was so surprised by how dirty it had gotten from my gardening experiments. Step two, DIY to save space and money.  I placed my extra bag of gardening dirt behind the large chair and stacked the un-needed ones. Some plants are placed on what used to be a small dresser which I pulled out the inside to leave it bare. And on the inside placed the rest of my mini gardening supplies. The other plant are stacked on a large bin which I put winter cleaning products in. 
To rearrange the space, since everything was against the window. Scattered everything to the corners of the balcony gave it a less cluttered feel and more space. We like more space! 

Step three, grab a drink and relax maybe have a balcony picnic. 

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