Revlon ColorBurst Balm Collection

Hi, I am Cassandre and I am absolutely addicted to Revlon chubby lip products! *Hi, Cassandre* 

If anyone goes to a drugstore with me, 9 out of 10 times, I will b line for the Revlon display. It all started with their lip stains, my love for them ran deep until they started to dry out when you didn't use them for 2 weeks. The day I decided to try the chubby lip sticks. Oh, that day was life terms of lip products in my life. Not only are they true colors, they last for hours. 
All the balm stains come in every color, the kind of lip products that I don't mind hoarding at the bottom of my purse all week...or month. They look good on anyone, depending on how you wear it...of course
The matte balms are things that dreams are made of. The color of the product is the exact color of the packaging. And that same color is exactly what your lips will look like! If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. They could be comparable to MAC matte lipsticks except that MAC is a little thicker. I just started with the Lacquer balms, so far so good...Anyone else tried them? 

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