Summer Nail Colors

It's not really summer yet but I have a strange feeling that I will be wearing these four colors for the next couple of months. I tend to gravitate more toward neutrals if anything so, since I am mainly going for the neutrals in my wardrobe, these are the perfect subtle pop of color! Bring it on summer 2014

First,  ESSIE Braziliant its very light more on the orange side but it is not as so orange that you can't wear it to the office. ESTEE LAUDER Le Smoking, this polish does not chip. One coat is enough and possibly the best red I own, also it helps that it is in a cute tiny container. CHANEL Orange Fizz is very similar to the ESSIE but more pink. It almost looks nude. Last is the newest polish I have, COVERGIRL Scalding Emerald from the Hunger Games collection (it was on sale + tiny container = I had to buy it). It's a contained glittery green, reminds me of mermaids. 

channel orange fizz, essie polish, estee lauder pure color