Because Its The End of The Month

...again. Since last month's installment was such a hit (thanks!) it's only right to do it again. August has been such a weird month, as in I have not been shopping AND have not stepped foot at Sephora...yeah. My wallet also thanks me. But that is all about to change as I have a pending my trip to Manhattan. Any who, this month's segment is sort of a 'favorite' things of mine this month, not many but they are worth the money...I mean, it is the end of the month after all.

Might as well start with my last purchase from Sephora, the Luxe Brush from Clarisonic. Honestly had my doubts about it because it seemed like one of those 'too good to be true' products. It is very good and true, like using a small cloud to cleanse your face.

Blooming Bouquet.... because this fragrance IS summer. Just like Bobbi Brown's Beach IS the beach. Blooming Bouquet smells like a summer morning when it had rained the day before; a cozy rose and light musk scented cloud or blanket that you wrap yourself around while thinking about the wonderful things a Saturday brings. It could also perhaps be the way the room feels a Saturday morning with fresh flowers when you first wake up. But any ways it is worth a try. Good job Christian Dior.

Anastasia Brow Wiz ...everyone is doing it. It is by far the best for filling in eyebrows and getting a natural look at the end. You have seen the reviews on Youtube, basically magic. The pencil tip is like one of a mechanical pencil so it mimics your brow hairs without making you look like you tried too hard for the Cara Delevigne brows. 

Alex and Ani Necklace...let your inner Indie Spirit out. These necklaces are so versatile. I mean what other necklace can go from a choker to extra long in two seconds. Plus, they are great for layering. Who doesn't want that. 

Origins Charcoal Mask...because that every face needs not pores. Worth the whole $17 I paid, perfect for a pamper night. Clears the extra stuff off your skin without completely drying the skin off.

NARS Afghan Red...because it is a non fuss raspberry color. Does not come off easily, and lasts through lunch. who doesn't want that. I have been wearing this non-stop, it's so good that it is permanently living as the bottom of my purse with the other lipsticks I use weekly or for emergencies.
One thing that I do not own but have a feeling would be awesome is the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15pc Brush Set. One look at the brushes and you will see why I want them so bad and why it is sold out everywhere. 
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