Call me weird but every time I finish a product, it's a small victory. Think about it, you actually used all of it....As soon as I had 3 empty products, i decided it would be a great idea to keep the empty bottles so I can talk about it, as people do. Who knows future me will look at this and think woah I've been using this products since 2014! 

First with the hair products, Garnier blow dry protector. This works how it is supposed to! As for the  Garnier Damage Eraser Split End Damage, I ended up using it like any other leave-in conditioner and whenever my hair started to feel a little dry on the ends. Nothing special.  For the face, the Estee lauder gentle eye makeup remover is a decent product, for me it did not take off everything and it also did not cause any skin problems, very gentle . I used it on my minimalist makeup days bought it a little after Christmas and finished it I believe sometime around May. Clinique face moisturizer, I did have a full size but thew it out forgetting about my empties bin, this moisturizer has not given me any trouble so, i just keep using it. nothing better has come along, yet. Maybeline fit me foundation, I am pretty sure this just might be my third purchase of that foundation. super light and moisturizing, does not even out dark spots without concealer, but I still like it. This Revlon lip butter in truffle is the best thing in the world. Best on the go lip product that does not need too much prep, no fuss really. I consider it chap stick at this point, and like chap stick, always in my purse. Final face product is the one and only Evian Brumisateur if you don't have this in your stash, you are doing it all wrong. When this emptied out, I was distraught. Ran to Sephora to get another. When Nordstrom had the anniversary sale, I ordered some more...just because it is essential to daily life. I am not being dramatic. 

Finally this body spray from Victoria Secret. I am not much of a fan, they are a bit too strong for me. It ended up being used as daytime room spray. 

Now, that this post is up, they can go when empties go to rest...the bin. 
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