Power Hour or #powerhour

There is this thing called Power Hour, not the drinking game you play in college. Well, it's the same concept but for grown-ups. Or, grown up wannabes and people who like to get shiz done. It's a full uninterrupted hour of working on things that are not fun, such as reports, spreadsheets or some other ridiculous boring project. I always have the longest lists of things that need to be done at non-specific time periods, so taking a full hour to do just that boosts my productivity through the roof..if ya get what I mean.

First, I work from my to do list and pick out the things I am dreading most to do. Put that project to the side until the afternoon. My power hours usually take place somewhere between after lunch and 4pm. Then, all the distractions go away...g-chat gets turned off, phone goes to voice mail and cellphone goes in the handbag away from my sight (basically on airplane mode). If where I am working is a too loud and busy, it helps to put on headphones on with cool tunes. Just focusing on those few things makes the rest of the day a little less chaotic and stress-free. It really is amazing the amount of work you can get done in just one hour. Try it!

How do you focus on work? 
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