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Not sure if I ever mentioned this before but I am LOVE the Real Housewives franchise, watching grown-rich-women acting a fool over the smallest things is a true guilty pleasure. If you are ever in any of my email chains, you are sure to find me respond with a housewives appropriate gif. The addiction is real over here. So when I saw that Leigh? had posted this video...I just had to follow her lead. A huge thank you to  leighannsays for coming up with this tag!

1. Favorite Cast/City? New York when Sonja was still new and Beverly Hills for the pretty houses and lavish parties. 

2. Least Favorite Cast/City? Washington, DC only because they were just too serious, no one let loose and there were no opportunity to get to know the Housewives.

3. If you were on the housewives, what would your tagline be?

 "Built a bridge and get over it" could not come up with anything better

4. Best Hair and Makeup? The best hair is between New York Heather and Beverly Hills Kyle. The makeup goes to Dina Manzo

5. Whose closet would you shop? Absolutely Dina Manzo's shoe collection, but Yolanda Fosters wardrobe is so chic and minimalist.

6. Whose house would you want to live in?Yolanda's bbecause of that awesome fridge and her endless supply of lemons or the new Dubrow house, for some reason I feel it will be amazing

7. Best looking husband? Mauricio -_-

8. Whose bad side would you never want to be on? NeNe Leakes...she is taller than me.

9. Who starts the most drama just for the camera? Aviva, she knows to think before she speaks...but she doesnt. And that leg toss..not chic

10. Whose family do you feel the most sorry for? New Jersey Teresa Giudice's family, then again they have a lot of family around if anything were to happen to her or her husband.

Feel free to TWEET if you do the tag, or want to discuss your Housewives tag line!

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