Weekend Reading

Oh hello! My week have been very interesting. First I had to clear out the whole place to get the carpets cleaned. That lead me to want to clean & clear out my closet and get rid of the things I don't use. Since all that change was happening, I had the brightest idea to just redecorate and do the whole minimalist thing. Sleeping in a room with almost nothing in it was refreshing! Oh and, I still do not know who "A" is!  

My sample of NARS Laguna (from Summerstash) is running low, #hitpan, #addicted, need to get a new one! 

Discovered THIS Joe Malone grapefruit cologne, soooo good!

THISTHIS THIS! Egg baked avocado recipes will tried this weekend. If successful, there will be a full blog report next week! 

Need THIS Sonia Kashuk brush set, it could be the answer to my wanting uniform brush sets and it is cheaper than the Real Techniques. Not sure how good, but for sure cheaper. 

Obsessed with THIS app, turning my face into all types of emojis.

THIS ridiculous song stuck in my heads

Alert! I got a new Instagram account just for the blog, please @TheWorkette :)
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