5 Things to Make Time For

The little things we do tend to be the most important and memorable things we will ever do, that is what came to mind writing thing this post.
While doing the great makeup purge, more to come later, I came across a pile of broken promises. Things I've told myself will happen but never did because there was just no time in my schedule or was just too lazy to accomplish. Thought I would share a few things I and perhaps you could make time for.

First, KNITTING. Do you knit? It is the most rewarding thing I had learned how-to in my teens. I used to make full scarves I got so good at it that a full throw blanket was made and it now lives in my mothers living room.

BAKING - A baked good a day keeps the doctor away, no?  This is something I always wanted to learn and perfect. You know those people who can whip something up with just the mention of an ingredient…I wanted to be that.

#OOTD - So, those Girls who take daily outfit pictures must outfit plan weeks ahead! I have scrolled down so many INSTAGRAM accounts of people who have full time jobs and still have time to post their cool outfit pictures. I always thought that if I posted daily outfits or snapshots of outfits would help me dress up more everyday…is that weird? 

GARDENING. This year I could have tried harder, planned earlier because all I ended up successfully growing were herbs like basil and parsley. One year, I had a full harvest of Tomatoes from my balcony garden. Twas very tasty! There is just something about growing your own food that makes me feel like I could survive in the Hunger Games...or something.

READ MORE BOOKS - Sounds more like a new years resolution. Right? I did promise myself to read more books before turning 25 but as you can tell, it didn't happen. While cleaning I came across a box of books from way back when, then realized that I may have probably read about five of them…feel free to recommend books! 

WEEKEND TRIPS - Surely I am not the only one who makes this promise to themselves.