5 Ways to Help You Get Through Monday

I am sure we can all agree on how much of a chore monday can be.
Going back to the grind after two days of doing what you want, just to see sometimes people you don't particularly care for. Some of the ways I cope with the new week.

1. First, have a cup of coffee before having ANY human interaction. Actually, just feed yourself.

2. It's ok to have a cookie or two, in the morning. Forget about how you said "diet starts next week," it's monday have a cookie for showing up.

3. Leave the office for lunch, a little fresh air will do you some good.

4. Everyone feels the same way you feel, don't be that person. You know the one who thinks they are the only ones struggling with coming back to work.

5. Make a to do list for the next week on friday, there is nothing like showing up on monday and forgetting what you were supposed to do on monday. 

Any tips for monday?