Bar Marsella With BFFs Hemingway, Picasso and Gaudi

 ...No big deal! 

If you want to try Absinthe in Barcelona, go where  Hemingway, Picasso and probably Gaudi went. Bar Marsella in sleazy El Ravall. It is rumored to be the oldest bar in all of Barcelona, having been opened around 1820. Its location is right out of a scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the interior
could have been in one of those famous Westerns. You will feel as if you are in the movies surrounded by old bottles, chandeliers and plenty of dust. 

It is a tourist attraction in a good way, only the brave attempt the green fairy at Bar Marsella. Sometimes the curious too, but we were the brave! Most tourists arrive when the bar opens, as we did, however all the action happens after midnight. The late hours attract a good mix of locals who are more than willing to show you their ways. 
At the bar you have the choice of beer for those whom are not willing or Absinthe, which I recommend...just for the experience. Once your order, you are given a glass of the elixir accompanied by a sugar cube, a small fork and an already punctured bottle of water for your use. 

Your fork goes over the glass and the sugar cube on that. Melt the sugar with the bottle of water....then enjoy. There is a "to stir or not to stir" argument...but that's between you and your bartender. 

After one glass, you will start to see things as Picasso did. After two, you might start feeling like Jack Sparrow. Bring good friends, share the experience!