End of The Year "to do"

Now that Christmas has passed, I am sitting here thinking about the upcoming year.
Thinking about things I want to do, things I didn't do the past year and other unnecessary things in my life. With all this I thought I would share

Clean Out...the clutter. I am a big fan of cleaning out and getting rid of things we don't use. This should really be the first thing to do...even if you don't believe in the whole bring in the New Year clean...for good luck thing. You'll thank me when you wake up hungover on January 1, and you space, mind, and phone are clutter-free. I start with my working desk to get rid of old receipts then move on to the living space. Give everything you own a space so that it does not live on the floor or the shelf of "things."

Reflect on the things that worked well and those that didn't. I have found myself at coffee shops thinking about the year. Think back to all the good habits you would like to bring in to the new year. The things that went wrong, like my lack of blogging the last two months, and how to avoid it in the coming year.

Plan for the future. I picked up my Moleskine and made a list of random things I would like to do next year. They are not resolutions. Things like "drink more water" and "take a weekend trip to Naples." On my Google calendar, I organized holidays and events that I already know of and monthly blog check ups. Plan ahead so you will always be on top of things.