Olivia Pope Style

Tory Burch Robinson Bag // Trench Coat // Pixie Pants // Leather Pumps // Sweater // White Top //

In honor of Olivia Pope once again gracing out screens with her
presence and functional-disfunction, I thought, another Scandal post would be appropriate. Don’t you agree? Or am I slightly too excited? Don’t answer that. With Scandal on the brain, I scoured the all mighty internet to find pieces that could bring a little Scandal into each of our lives this winter/spring.  

Starting with the TRENCH COAT, it is an obvious staple if you live somewhere like London but it is so Olivia. The character has the best collection of coats but the trench is by far her best and most worn.

The NUDE LIP, Liv never wears a bright lip…she should try it. Her lip color is typically a nude and low maintenance. A nude that is worn to prevent chapped lips...like my favorite Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

A structured midsize TOTE BAG à la Prada, remember THIS? It's probably has nothing in it but who cares it looks darn good! 

It's still winter so add some fine LEATHER GLOVES in the mix. 

Let's not forget "at home Olivia"...with a large glass of red wine and the COZIEST SWEATER she wears. Everyone needs an adult version of the sweatshirt and that is probably it. Surely you would. You know to wear to the grocery store or airport. 
The PIXIE PANT that will go with nearly everything. 

That pair of PUMPS preferably leather and black. Oh something that can be worn all day for every life event. 

SILK TOP something that is comfortable. I prefer buttoned up blouses only because they are more versatile. Olivia probably wears EQUIPMNENT  

…. everyone needs to feel like Olivia Pope, why not? Oh and by the way where I'm the world did they take Olivia? Will papa Pope and BoyToy team up to find her? Is papaPope behind this disfunction? Is BoyToy going to go bonkers over this? But what if Maya Pope wasn't really dead and she took her daughter back? 

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