5 things I'd like to do in Spain

After having been in Spain for several months, there are still so many places and things I would like to do and see.
The country is so vast and full of things to satisfy each person's wander-needs. From time to time, I get into conversations with locals and see what they are into. What places and things they enjoy doing also, what some recommendations are for me to do. If I were to do each thing I have been recommended to do, I would need infinite funds and a bit more time than I actually have. Some of the more interesting things I do want to do are: 
  • Having some paella in Valencia, I have been told it is the best in all of Spain. The paella is made with wood fire which makes all the difference.
  • A winery tour in the Roija area of Spain, only fitting as most of the wine I like in this country are from that area…only fitting. 
  • Partying hard in Ibiza, because why not and #yolo…The way people describe this place makes it sound like Disney. 
  • Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the architecture of the building itself is to die for. 
  • Finally lay on the beautiful beaches of Mallorca. Google it…just google it! 
Did I miss something?