On Youtube!

I toyed with the idea of making videos on youtube for a while now. Last year, when I worked in Virginia a friend of mine "R" used to obsess over videos other people made. I wanted to learn how to edit and she a makeup artist wanted to share with this world her skills and new creations. We both never really followed thru with it.

Over the last year, I made slow strides...very slow ones to start making it happen. Today, as I was trying to upload pictures from my last trips, my computer announced to me there was no space on my hard drive. Naturally, I investigated. 50 clips. 50 clips, snippets of things events and paces I have been. It was a sign. Well, it IS a sign that I need to share most of them to who ever wants to stumble upon them.

Here the only videos currently on my channel, keep in mind, I am learning to edit & stuff lol: