Where has She been?

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Too many places, both physically and emotionally, is the short answer...

On the emotional, I've fallen out of love  with many things. One is this blog to explain the lack of posts...mainly to myself and the few whom used to read TW.

Since my last post the numbers have dwindled to ghost town. I was so not motivated that it did not bother me. There were so many "post" ideas and photos that my computer is begging me to share... but just a lack of initiative to actually post. A couple of times I thought about vlogging, it felt like by speaking the words I would not second guess myself or compare myself to others. Boy was I wrong, truly experienced the whole "you are you're worst enemy" on another level.

It's weird because I used to be excited to share things on this page the littlest text, collage, reminder. Now, I hesitate and question every move. Will this add value to someones life? What will they think of me? My writing? My grammar mistakes? Basically all the feels! 

I really don't have a solution for these feels but at least most can be solved with a baguette and some vino tinto. And maybe while I feel this sudden burst of bravery...more posts will come.

Ah too many feelings...