My biggest packing mistake EVER

Oh things we think we cannot live without... I did know I was staying here for just about this long, but
separation anxiety got the best of me. I packets do all my makeup on this adventure. I can remember the day I left  for Spain going through my stash sold some, gave away some more and left a few at home. But I packed the bulk of it, it feels like all of it, lipsticks, foundations, all the brushes and skincare products. 

My biggest packing mistake to date. Out of all this "stuff," I found myself using the same five products and giving away lipsticks I had never used before.  As I now sit down and look at all this stuff before me that I barely use. 

Can't help but ask myself what was I thinking? What is it about leaving for half the year that makes us want to pack every-single-thing? It was not worth the extra weight on my luggage...