5 things about coming to Barcelona for your TEFL or CELTA certification

Barcelona, the city of Bars and other things. If you come here for your teaching certification
odds are you probably don’t know very much about the city, it’s metro system, etc. These are the things I kind of wish someone had told me upon arriving to this city full or mystery and bars!

  • T-MES. You need one! The 52 euros will hurt at first but it is so worth it. Unlimited pass for the whole month, all you need is your passport number. If you have the misfortune of losing it, you can go to the service window at the metro and they will give you a new one when you give them your passport number. Lets be honest, odds are you will get lost and go out a lot “exploring” that first month. The T-10 card that you will be advised to buy will need to be repurchased too many times…the metro is a money pit. 
  • Ulmon Barcelona map app. Ulmon is an offline maps of Barcelona and its surrounding small cities. Allows you to star places you’ve been and places you need to go. It is free in the app store. 
  • Nostrum Fans club card. Nostrum is a sort of fast food place but with home cooked style Catalan foods. Worth it even if you are only here for a month and if you end up staying longer, it will only set you back 5 euros and all your already cheap meals are about half price cheaper. Oh and you get free wifi! 
  • “Vale” pronounced “bale”, by some, means “ok”. “Guapa” means “beautiful” or “handsome”. “CaƱa” is a small beer. “Tapas” are tiny individual appetizers. 
  • DO NOT EAT ON LA RAMBLA. It’s a trap. It’s expensive, you might get pick-pocketed and hassled by promoters of all kind. 
  • Barcelona WIFI. The best thing ever. Popular spots of the city have free wifi paid for by the government. No need to stress too much about checking your Instagram account.