Fit Files no. 6

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It's about three months into the year and, well, about a week ago tried to do the strict healthy thing again. Not living in a city has encouraged a lot of eating due to the lack of activity. It's just so much easier to sit and have a bite or five, and watch the weight gain happen. Since deciding to be proactive, kid you not, I have lost a pound and gained a ton of energy. I know a pound is nothing but in the grand scheme of things its a great start. 
An easy ways to jumpstart the health kick was to write down what I ate with MyFitnessPal, not so much about the calorie counting ability but to be aware of what exactly I eat on a daily. I briefly owned a Up Move band but that was just too depressing how many steps I do not make a day. Then, I signed up for Pact aka the app that keeps you accountable and pays you. Yes, it pays you to be active. It pays minimal amounts for your synced meals, workouts and fruit/vegetable intake. When you do not meet your goals, you get a hefty fine of $5 per category. It has been reminding me to make sure I do at least 30 minutes of activity a day.

The next big thing... is to consider going out on walks more often and consider going back to doing those Jillian Michaels 30 minute workout videos.