Fit Files no.7

Giving Barre another chance...

Somethings in life deserve a second chance and sometimes, the second time around, they are not as bad as they once were. That’s the short version of my second experience at Barre fitness. This we replace a ballet bar with a chair, and it’s less intense. Considering my fitness kick, about two to three weeks ago I started Barre again and surprisingly loving it. There is just something about using your own body weight for exercise that inspires weight loss…if ya get my drift. But the crazy thing is that you feel great after the workout. Absolutely recommend everyone and their mother to try it out.

The next big thing…No weight loss but much much energy. Still have not opened Jillian Michaels yet, but strongly considering joining a gym.  


  1. Barre workouts are fantastic! If you like them why not try a ballet (or any dance) class? You'll feel just as great and they are super motivating too.


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