Weekend Reading

Hello Friday! Hello blog, it's been a while. This month has flown by and Memorial Day is already here. Everything is getting better, so much more content to come and new projects. Hope you've been doing well internet people. A few links are below, check'em out!

The Roseau Tote from Longchamp is under rated. Seriously considering it as a summer handbag.

Also, it's officially Birkenstock season!

If you haven't already, start spring cleaning. I am posting everything I don't need on either Poshmark or Craigslist.

The more I see Felicia from ThisThatBeauty use the Becca One Perfecting Brush, I want it more. Also, if you are not following her on Snapchat...YOU NEED TO!

Found this West Elm bench DIY from Ursula of HomeMadeByCarmona. A Home Depot trip is in my near future.