Ideal Morning Routine

I have sat down and thought about my actual morning routine, and it was not what I thought it was. I clearly don't have enough hours in the morning to breath. In an ideal world, like the ones in movies, my mornings would go as explained below!

6:00pm Wake up before the alarm, lay in bed for a while (we all like to do that). Then, check the usual suspects, I mean social media sites like the Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just like any other young adult out there. Also, check the all mighty weather, since it seems to always determine how a day will go.

6:15 am Hop on over to the bathroom and do all of that beauty and hygiene stuff (you get my drift, I hope). Have enough time to pick out a proper outfit and get dressed in your finest ensemble.

7:00 am Make a half-hearty breakfast, perhaps pancakes and a cup of orange juice. I think that is healthy.

7:30 am Catch the right train to work, crack open that puzzle book or kindle app to do something productive. In my case, it ends up being a combination of blogger, Evernote, and my calendar for blogging and organization purposes.
9:00 am At work behind my desk, with my iced coffee or tea that I may or may not have picked up at the coolest coffee shop in town.

Don't you wish your morning routine went so well? 


  1. That would be the perfect morning! Love it (especially if the sun is out!)

  2. What an inspiring post! I will have to do something like this when I actually even have a morning routine!

    Hope you are well love, take care! This was so inspiring!


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