Kate Spade my Contents

Browsing the internet during a break at work, I came across this Into The Gloss book club article about the book Kate Spade: Contents. A little rare book featuring photographs of the contents of selected women. 
Credit: Ebay
You know how they say "don't Judge a book by its cover? What do you say about a woman and her purse? I stumbled upon the book Kate Spade: Contents, I immediately was intrigued by the reviews across the internet.

Do you judge a woman by her purse? Like when people get on the metro or subway with the largest purse and it's filled up, or looks empty. Do you? I do. This things about the contents of a purse brought me to Youtube where people post videos about what is in their purse. Curiosity problems solved...Be curious, these are the contents of my purse.

Contents of my Michael Kors Tote
Kate Spade Lacey Wallet
Metro card
Chunk of keys
Firmoo Glasses
Dooney & Bourke change purse
Kate Spade make up bag

What does that say about me?