Night out in Paris, What is in my Purse

On a night out in a foreign place, all you really need are the basics. Money, identification, and makeup. I got this clutch a couple months ago and have used it as my go to "I-dont-want-to-carry-much-"going places handbag.

For my nights out in Paris, my contents stayed the same. A small basically coin purse from Coach which is bright enough that I will see it with two inside pockets for my money and cards. Mints, who doesn't need those? Altoids are the best because they are not completely strong.

Cool hair ties that double as cute bracelets in your arm party.  I bring with me two lip products because I thought Ruby Woo would not last all night but it does and the YSL lipgloss adds the perfect coat of not so tacky gloss to any matte lip color. For cases of emergency, I did have shea butter lotion,  my MAC compact foundation, and Jo Malone perfume in a travel container. Just in case of touch up, scent pick-up or dry hands.

Of course, I did have my passport (not pictured) and forgot hand sanitizer.