5 Things to do with your Tax Refund

Hope everyone has filed their taxes, I sure did. Signed sealed and delivered. Let me tell you it feels amazing to finally have that finished. All is left is waiting for the check...if any! For the first time, I am expecting a very small fortune so, now I kind of want to spend it in a sort of meaningful way. Any ideas? 

Who doesn't need a break a little getaway? A spa-day or fancy weekend stay-cation at a cozy country bed & breakfast, sound so good right now. Last Minute trips are the best.

Now, I know, I or most people will not be getting enough cash back for this but: vintage/classic pieces. Think about it, what perfect time to invest in the coveted Philip Lim Pashli, Lanvin ballet flats or vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

A technology upgrade, this I have been seriously thinking about. Either an iPad or Galaxy tablet would complete my home office set up. 

A skincare investment. Yes! Lets be real good skincare products are expensive. I once had two samples of Lancome's DreamTone Dark Spot Corrector, fell in love with it but when I went into Sephora to make the purchase...umm $98 is kind of steep sometimes. So now is the perfect time to just go all out and get that La Mer moisturizer AND the Clarisonic :) 

Remember the balance on that one credit card from college or something? Yeah, it's time to de-debt. Taking the whole amount of your tax return and paying it off (or at least half) will make the rest of the year so much easier. 

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