Morning Routine no.1

"Morning Routine no.1" oh so original, right? I could not for the life of me pick out a better title that would exactly define what I am trying to do here. To explain to you or me in the future my current morning routine and track changes, hits and misses, now that I have had somewhat of a regular routine. I kind of have it down to a science at this point! *pats self on back*

These days my morning routine is super fast, nothing changed from college days. Ain't nobody got time for that, really! So here we got in 10 steps or less!

1) Wake up stare at the ceiling for about 10 minutes and probably reflect on life and stuff. 
2) Pick out an outfit, I usually plan my outfits for the week. A great time saver. 
3) Jump in the shower, for shower things. Currently using Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild, good for sensitive skin smells, almost like aloe Vera, like nothing. 
4) VERY important, Lancome DreamTone #3, it really does make dark spots disappear. It was a worthy investment
5) Then, on to lotion and listen up people who have dry skin Nivea Skin Firming Lotion should be in your cabinet. I've been using this for years. 
6) By that time the Lancome should have set, so I add on my Clinique Facial Moisturizer
7) Get dressed
8) Do something with my hair. Such a pain but it goes in a high bun most days.
9) Apply make up. Bobby Brown stick Foundation Almond with Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Sleek Au Natural Palette any color for eye shadow. For cheeks, I have Urban Decay Quickie (similar) with e.l.f Blush Brush, it does the job well enough. For eye brows, I use an angled brow filer with the e.l.f. brow kit (soon to change, just discovered Anastasia). Oh I need a good primer in my life.
10) Grab a banana and out the door! 

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How are your mornings?