Peep Toe Heeled Bootie Sandal

Let's be honest, I like the "idea" of heels. I would hate to be uncomfortable all day because I did not have long distance heels. Since purchasing them toward the end of March, I have worn them 5 out of 7 days of the week. Walked block of New York City and Washington, DC without a single "shoe complaint."

THESE lovely Peep Toe Booties are from Target and only for about $30! Since buying them, I've seen the same style floating around the internet, mainly Nordstrom and Steve Madden, for hundreds.
You really can't beat $30 and if you happen to be at the store and find your size like I did...they are on sale for less than $20.

Like I said before, I have been living in THESE shoes. They are perfect for weekends and workdays, if you're office is not too serious. The 2.5" chunky heel gives just the right amount of comfort. The ankle strap is uncomfortable at first but once the shoes are worn a few times , it gives just the right amount of support for the whole day. Peep toe because, well summer. Duh. Who doesn't like a good peep toe in the summer? 
p.s. When you like something this much, might as well get it in two practical colors! 
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