Weekend Reading + Memorial Day Sales

After a long week of business, It's great to know that there is a long weekend to follow. Usually on long weekend, I tend to stay at home a lot and not a lot of nothing. This time around I am thinking I need to be a little bit more active. Maybe a hike somewhere? Yikes. Anyways, the only other things that make this weekend a lot better are the awesome Memorial Day sales!

THIS post Chelsea made me want to go blonde and wear black all the time!

THIS makes me want to get organized, well just my desktop organized.

THIS is the most adorable father daughter lip-sync ever and it’s of Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Some Memorial Day sales I have bookmarked, so might as well share it: 
GAP 40% code "EVENT"

ASOS 20% off code "WEBEGRILLIN" until May 28?


SHOPBOP 70% off

Have a good holiday everyone!