Weekend Reading

So this week, I guess April realized it was coming to an end and decided to give us all the mother of all rain storms everyday! So, let us hope April Showers brings May Flowers. It feels great to finally have some real sunshine.

Earlier this week I spotted on the style section of The Washington Post a piece about Michelle Gainer's new coffee table book, I want it. There really aren't too many books to flip thru with African American women in Hollywood or the arts. Follow her tumblr, it's awesome! 

It's always exciting to find out that a friend has a blog. Crystal, from My Not So Grown Up Life, who I went to college with me not the same class but you know, made a special meal prepping post after my inquiries about her major meal prepping skills on InstagramI took it very seriously and started right away...so should you! 

Read this and tell me how you feel! or not...