What's in my Petit Noe

About two weeks ago, I changed my purse. So I thought 'hey why not share what I am lugging around' since I do enjoy those videos on Youtube. Admit it, its always interesting to see what other girls are carrying in their unbelievably tiny purse or Mary Poppins tote. So this bag is the Louis Vuitton Petit Noe which was purchased pre-loved online on a sleepless night...more on that later.

 I won't lie some of the things are very unnecessary, but you never know If the day will call for an earring change by lunchtime or something. For the background, I do read the newspaper during my lunch so instead of spreading my things on the ground, this was the next best thing. So, here is what I have been carrying lately:

NecessitiesWallet from Kate Spade (review here) \\ Headphones from Jays \\ Agenda from Target (similar) \\ Notebook (here, here) \\ Kate spade makeup bag (from the outlets) \\ iPhone 4s w/ Kate Spade case (similar, fave) \\ Firmoo sunglasses box 

Floating items: Almay Lipgloss \\ Kate spade earring pouch \\Gatorade frost for hydration of course \\ Bracelets \\ pens \\ Mentos Peppermint sooo good 

ps. what random things do you carry?