5 ways to good week

Mondays are such a hassle, start it on the wrong foot and your whole week is out the window. Well, at least for me. It weird how a bad monday can set the tone for the 5 days after it. To start a week on the right foot really starts on Sunday afternoon, some time after brunch. Obviously

One thing I kind of, from time to time, struggle with is keeping my surroundings neat and organized. After the weekend, there is so much stuff accumulating including laundry, misplaced books, too many lipsticks at the bottom of my purse and on my desk. Clearing all that "stuff" out of the way makes it so much easier to not only to find things but to also have a clear mind to think about other things. 

More on organizing, one things that takes no time at all, maybe 30 minutes, is planning out the meals of the week. I usually spend a little more than an hour per day thinking about what to eat for my next meal. When I started to plan most of my meals, it saved me time and money. Think about it, how many times we've been like "oh, I don't know what to cook...wanna grab Chinese...or pizza...or Chipotle?"

Ok, we all are busy and have so much to do during the week. Go over your schedule and to-do lists, so that you at least have an idea of things that are coming up. I don't know how many times I had to made plans to go to the gym and forgot simply because I forgot to put it on my schedule!

Pamper, pamper yourself. Honestly, sunday nights as you are watching your favorite shows, it is the perfect time to put on that charcoal mask. On sunday nights, I do the whole deep hair conditioning, face mask, skin oils and serums routine. I indulge  and nourish my skin, since during the week, I do my basic routine.

Seriously, take your behind to bed early. For me going to sleep early on either sunday or monday, makes a difference in the week. By early, I mean a realistic no later than 10:30 or 11pm, after the fun primetime shows are over. Waking up refreshed on monday morning puts me in such a better mood and requires so much less morning coffee.

Have any tips? Please share!