Fit Files no. 4

It’s been a while since the last Fit Files, I have been a little bored with my same old cardio then arms routine with occasional Jillian Michaels workout video. Saturday morning as I was organizing my life, I told myself that this week is the week to mix it up and push my workout a little more since I got THESE (cheaper) awesome new Nike trainers.

By 4pm, I was sitting around doing absolutely nothing I told myself, why wait till a specific day to workout. Took myself to a nearby park put on my Jawbone Up activated my MapMyFitness. An hour later not only had I completed a mile and a half run/jog (it's a start), but I also managed to hurt my ankle. Nothing but a good injury to re-start a workout journey right?!

But my point is, if you are like me and get bored with a workout and it doesnt motivate you, find something to motivate you, if you feel like you can bust that workout right now, just do it, why wait? My new shoes motivated me to go outside and take them for a spin, without further question I just did it. Even when I fell mid jogging downhill (stupid decision) it didn't stop me from continuing.

This Week:  - 45 minutes of cardio non stop. It never hurts to try again, possibly outside on a non rainy day!
- Do the full 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred videos.
- Find a boxing gym. To mix up my routine