The Mermaid's Dream

deborah lippmann mermaids dream review swatch
THIS is what Mermaid's Dreams are really made of...sea foam-metallic-blue-tealish-glittery realness, thank you Deborah Lippmann! Remember my Summer Nail Colors post...I may have done that too early! This might be a permanent add to my small collection. The other day, I "ended" up at Sephora and kind of bought their SUMMERSTASH kit. Split it with a friend! 

Glitter nail polish is a pain and a half to take off which is why I do not own too many but when I saw this color, I had to get it despite all glitter. So whimsical and fun, but not too fun that you can wear it to work without looking like a seven year old girl wanting to play princess. It applies very well, a little gritty but not too overwhelming, after all it looks like fairy dust. The color payoff is amazing. I am kind of obsessed, and if you buy one polish for the summer...THIS is it!

PS. for all glitter polishes, apply clear polish before your first coat...makes it easier to take off. You're welcome :)

Everywhere you can find it. It's THAT good!