Getting Rid of That Acne And Other Stuff

So lets start here with a little background, acne and other stuff only started "happening" on my skin in my late teen years. Just your basic breakout that fixes itself within weeks if not days sometimes. It started getting bad sometime between the last year of high school, college stress, and switching to different detergent brands. Back then, I tried using the all mighty black soap but the results were not fast enough for me and it kept getting worst. By the time I was in college/university, sometimes it would look like straight up pimples in your face. Gross, I know but caught the cause very fast and took up some sport electives and switched up to a more hypoallergenic detergent. The pimples came back because I for some reason thought it was okay to moisturize your face with the oily body lotion, such a rookie mistake, but again didn't know any better.

Now, I'll tell you the products that are helping to get that skin back to the #iwokeuplikedis days. First thing's first, Vicco Tumeric Skin Cream will make your pimple face turn to #iwokeuplikedis within 2 weeks. Not-even-joking! One thing bad thing is that the smell did get to me at first but I slowly adjusted as I saw results. Then, the Target brand Maximum Strenght Acne Medication was genius, harsh, but genius. When I have stubborn breakouts, applied over night they flatten and dry out. The trick with this product is to apply this product with a Q-Tip because it is very harsh on the skin. It is something every person should keep around the house.

Once the acne is gone, all is left is are the battle wound aka dark spots. I first purchased the Lancome DreamTone, which by the way is worth every hard earned penny, because everyone had it and it kinda was a big deal...ahem Marie Claire award...good enough for me. It brightens the skin and fades the spots. Used consistently with a good cleanser, I use Clinique's liquid facial soap, that is special for sensitive acne-prone skin results are seen within weeks. Another product that can compare to that is Aveeno's Targeted Tone Corrector*, of course every one's skin is different but for me results showed within days. It works the same as the DreamTone on my skin except that it is only to be applied on the spots in question. If you don't have a Lancome budget, you may want to give this a try.

Was your journey as dramatic as mine? 
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