5 Ways to Survive a Bus Trip

I am quite seasoned when it comes to traveling by bus especially between Washington, DC and New York City. If you are like me and take last minute trips, it is so much cheaper than a flight or train. Bus trips happen at least every three months, with that said, I have a good grasp on how to make it more bearable. Here we go! 

- Bring snacks, light ones that you can munch on. Don't bring a veggie salad or something that may stink up the bus...no one likes that person.
- Headphones  and a long playlist with 5 hours of your favorite songs or a good audio book. My favorites are the JAYS headphones.
- Extra phone charger. I forgot mine this last trip and it was painful, imagine four hours with no Twitter or Instagram. I do like these & these

- Activities a.k.a. something to do. Usually my laptop for some random journal writing or blog post writing, lately taking my iPad and a magazine does the trick. 
- Be Early! It should really be the first thing, every time I get the stop late it is so awkward having to sit next to someone whom obviously wants to sit by themselves...Get there at least twenty minutes before departure time. Thank me later! 
- A large blanket, I mean scarfThe temperature inside of a bus is never right, it is always the opposite season inside. I bring the large scarves that look and feel like blankets, also good for naps. 
- Dress comfortably. To remind you again, buses are not very exclusive so there might be randoms there so dress comfortably...in something you could take a nap in.

P.S. If you can have a privacy screen on your phone-computer-and-iPad because everything you do unless seating at the window seat the whole bus can see.