Morning Routine no. 2

It is about that time again to do a morning routine (morning routine no 1) update. Well, more like a 'summer' edit. It is a little bit lighter, by that I mean I have less time for makeup because warm weather = better sleep. Or, need more sleep it all depends on the day. My routine has changed quite a bit, due to mainly upgrades if you will. This summer has been looking a lot here we go in 10 steps or less. 

1) Wake up, then snooze to get more sleep. 
2) Jump in the show and what not. These days for face wash, I have been using Boscia Cleansing Gel Oil with my Clarisonic (not pictured). Then, take care of the dark spots with Aveeno's Tone Corrector* and moisturize with Clinique's Facial Moisturizer. This simple combo has been working as I took a break from using the Lancome DreamTone. The current (not pictured) moisturizer is the good old Nivea but this season mixed with To The Beach Body Oil from MAC (discontinued but avail. HERE)
4) Pick something to wear, some days are easier than others as I am currently going through a wardrobe purge (more on that soon). 
5) #makeuptime! Somethings really need their own hashtags... The very first thing is applying my trusty NARS Concealer then blend with the buffing brush from Real Techniques. It is so hot and humid it is the only thing I can actually handle on my skin. This is followed by a very bright Flamingo blush from Sleek. For lipstick, I go for either MAC's Girl about Town or Maybelline Truffles Tease. The eye look will either be the first six lighter shades of the Naked palette or the simple cat eye flick with the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner. The eye brows, for a quick and easy look I used Revlon's Brow Fantasy but the only downside is to own a sharpener which I despise.  To top it all off I use Clinique's High Impact Waterproof Mascara which is decent 
Still don't have a good primer in my I need one? Really?
6) Walk out the door smelling like DKNY's Delicious or Golden Delicious, with a Banana or apple in hand! How are your mornings these days?

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