Because Its The End of The Month

...and although I have a million things to do, I'd rather think about things I want to buy. First world problems...yes! So this month has been absolutely intense.
The dry air in Barcelona has been making me sick and look sick when I was not. Lets just say dry skin problems were very real.

I thought about posting every single moisturizer I have because they have all been used this month. In my purse I have been keeping L'Occitane Rose Aurore hand cream, it smells like the perfect bouquet of roses melted on your hands...really it does. The texture is very light, but it also lathers.

For my face, the night cream has been crucial in my night routine. Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone is so lush and moisturizing especially if you like in an area there the dry air sucks all the good moisture out of your skin. For my overall dry skin needs, Caudalie Huile Divine is a godsend! I have talked about it before. I came to Barcelona with a new one, I have already purchased another. It is time to buy the full sized bottle. It is a dry oil but when used after the shower it keeps you moisturized longer then regular lotion. Maybe it's just me.

As far as make up goes it's all about light and easy. Brows have to be done even if it's to open the door for the post man or to hang out in my robe all day. Is that weird? The Milani Easy Brow gives a very quick and easy, the pencil itself is very soft which allows you to smooth out the look with your fingers. It gives me a minor glam look on days I cannot be bothered to have a full face of makeup.

In this current Mediterranean heat the only thing I can handle on my face is the Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream. It blends very well and does not melt on your face. Can I find this in Spain too? The nude lipstick is from the Sephora Collection, perfect nude that does not make a brown skin girl look dead. It is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain #02, the classic beige color that just stains your lips with no transfer and lasts all day...if you don't eat too much greasy food.