Ways to improve your morning

Most people are not morning people, at least I think so. It is not everyday that you wake up feeling fine, the reality is that you will at least have that one day in the week where you wake up in either a horrible mood or just plain confused. Your morning routine might not be so perfect. And your ideal morning routine might be taking a little longer to adjust to. So, here are six thinks that I have done that improved my mood in the morning.

Journal | Having a journal near your bed where you can write down goals or thoughts of the day. It is a nice way to keep track of your thoughts and goals. The journal I recommend for that is the "one line a day" 5-year memory book" journal (link). Imagine waking up in the morning either writing down a thought or reading a thought you had two years ago!

Open curtains | Don't leave the curtains all the way open, but leave it half open, that way you wake up with the sun. It is always a little harsh when turning on the lights in a completely dark room. It will ease your transition into the morning.

Have tea | There is nothing like starting your day out with a nice cup of green tea or iced coffee. That ten minutes you take to enjoy your cup of goodness may make your morning meeting/commute less painful. If you have that type of job/commute.

Set the alarm | I like to set a couple of alarms for the morning but if you have somewhere to be, at least sent one for 30 minutes before you have to leave your house.

Plan outfits | So many times have I been late because I could not pick out a blouse. Planning your outfit the night before will save you from having stress and possibly 10-20 minutes.

Check the weather | Those mornings where you decide to wear those new flats and ten minutes out the door it rains? Sometimes it is good to, check to see if there will be any unwanted weather before you get out of bed as you check your Facebook page. Rain boots may be needed.

Have any morning tips? 


  1. Totally with you on the outfit idea {as well as the others}. I can't tell you how many mornings I've gotten up to get ready & just stood staring into my closet like its a bottomless pit! Decisions are just harder in the morning, aren't they?


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