Small French Haul

I went to France and naturally that meant I had to pick some 'hard-to-find" things up. Every store was just madness with last minute Christmas shopping leaving shelves sometimes empty. I managed to  find some things in the beauty department. Only the things I have been wanting for some time, and a parka.

Surprisingly, I could not find Bioderma...yes, crushed! But I did manage to grab the last Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. It is everything on skin giving just enough moisture where it does not make the skin feel greasy and clogged, I have yet to use it on my hair. This here is what the french would call a coup de coeur, my scents are very light and fresh nothing like Carven. It is very floral and mildly over bearing to the sensitive nose but, I love it. Perhaps because it is so different than what I am used to, a couple of spritz on the skin and you smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers in the spring...except that it is winter. Finally picked up the full size Caudalie Huile Divine which at this point I might use until the end of time. There is nothing like it, it smells divine. This has been on TW so many times check it out hereherehere.

Gourmande childhood remembrance purchase...anyone else eat condensed milk by itself? Or, is it a weird thing me and my family does? Either way I should have probably bought a box of this. Thank you Nestle for making my childhood dreams come true. As you can tell it is already empty. As soon as I got to Barcelona, I finished the whole tube. If you are ever in France, pop in the nearest grocery store and pick yourself a couple. Your sweet tooth will thank you (& me).

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